Monday, April 27, 2009

H2S Management by Monitoring

H2S is a common problem in the waste management industry. The unpleasant odor is not only a nuisance to customers and citizens, but is also physically harmful. H2S is a key ingredient in the deterioration of concrete (literally the foundation of this industry). There are methods commonly used to remove H2S from confined areas, but their high cost makes them impossible to implement everywhere. So, in order to manage the problems effectively, you must measure H2S reliably.

Arizona Instrument LLC manufactures the Jerome® line of H2S analyzers. These instruments are used to pinpoint problem areas within a system so the appropriate action can be taken. Because the human nose is very sensitive and can detect H2S at .008 ppm (parts per million), some companies feel that a nose test will tell them when and where they have a problem. Unfortunately H2S desensitizes the olfactory and after a few minutes that individual will not be able to smell the chemical anymore, making this method ineffective. People are incapable of detecting multiple problems at one time, and it is harmful to the individual. Jerome® analyzers read between .003 ppm and .050 ppm measuring, at levels where the H2S is dangerous for people and concrete. Without a Jerome® H2S analyzer it is not possible to assess problems for maximum savings of time and money.

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