Monday, April 27, 2009

Jerome J405 Mercury Vapor Analyzer

Performing a sensor regeneration Perform a sensor regeneration by following these steps:

• Connect the line cord/AC adapter power supply between the connector on the back of the J405 and an AC power outlet or connect the external battery pack to the back of the J405.
• If the instrument is not already turned on, press the I/O power button to turn it on.
• Press the RIGHT arrow button (►) to enter the main menu.
• Press the DOWN arrow button (▼) to move the cursor to Regen.
• Press the RIGHT arrow button (►) to select Regen from the menu.
• Press the ENTER/START button on the keypad to select Regen Now from the Regen menu.
→The instrument will respond with "Perform Regen Using EXTERNAL POWER?"
■ Press ENTER/START to proceed or ESC to exit.
→The instrument display will warn "Do Not Disconnect External Power while Heating"
■ Press ENTER/START to proceed or ESC to exit.
→The instrument will now begin a 45 minute regeneration cycle, indicated by Regeneration in Progress on the display. Do no interrupt this cycle. For a complete description of this process, see page 20 of the user manual.
■ If any error message appears on the siplay, see the "Troubleshooting" section beginning on page 35.
• Ensure the instrument has been powered on for at least five (5) minutes prior to sampling.
• The instrument is now ready to sample.
• Press the SAMPLE BUTTON at the end of the handle of the J405 to start a 12 second sampling cycle.
• When the instrument measures mercury vapor, the 0.00 µg/m3 display will be replaced with a value.
• To ensure the input to the instrument contains no mercury vapor or mercaptans, use a Zero Air Filter (AZI P/N Z2600 3905). The Zero Air Filter cleans the air sample and should produce sample readings of 0.00 µg/m3. Therefore, use the filter to:
■ Equilibrate the instrument to temperatures that are higher or lower than the instrument. Sample every 15 seconds with the filter installed until the reading is 0.00 µg/m3.
■ Identify contamination within the unit.
■ Confirm the presence of mercury vapor when readings are elevated. Install the filter and verify that the readings decrease with the filter installed.
• The instrument is designed for ambient air monitoring.


DO NOT allow the probe or the instrument's intake to be exposed to ANY liquid.
DO NOT obstruct the intake or exhaust ports of the J405, as this could cause errors in readings and damge to the flow control system

• The instrument is not explosion proof.
• Perform sensor regeneration before each day's use.
• Perform another sensor regeneration after each day's use.
• Perform sensor regeneration after 30 days of storage or inactivity.

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