Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jerome® Communications Software (JCS)

The Jerome® Communications Software (JCS) operates with the Jerome® 431 Mercury Vapor and Jerome 631 Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzers that have the "Communications Configuration" option installed. The software can control instrument sampling for unattended continuous operation, collect data, graph this data in real time and perform statistical analysis.

The software can also program the Jerome® Data Logger, AZI P/N 6100-0010. This optional accessory enables data storage during manual sampling or portable automatic sampling without being attached to a computer. The data logger initiates automatic sampling, triggers alarms and stores data. The logged data may then be downloaded to the computer when it is convenient.

The JCI software is menu-driven and easy to use. Each display screen is designed for clarity with self-explanatory menu options, such as "Operate Instrument" or "Display Stored Data." Select menu options using either a mouse or a track ball pointing device or a standard keyboard. The user creates records, or files, for computer storage of collected data. Data is easily retrieved for later viewing, graphing, printing or editing with spreadsheet or word processing software, (not provided). Data can be used for ongoing record keeping or for fulfilling local regulatory requirements.

Before using this software, familiarization with the operation of the Jerome® Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer or Mercury Vapor Analyzer is important. Also, prior to installation of this software, you should be familiar with the personal computer and operating system you are using. If you have any questions about how to proceed, call AZI Customer Service at 800.528.7411 or 602.470.1414 or send an email to support@azic.com for assistance.

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