Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why Monitor for H2S?

Hydrogen Sulfide Overview:

• Colorless, VERY flammable gas
• Smells of rotten eggs
• Loss of smell occurs after 2-15 minutes of high exposure
• Released with decomposition of animal, plant, sewage and wallboard materials
• Occurs naturally in natural gas, swamp gas, manure pits, volcanoes, fossil fuels and geothermal
• Is created during the production of oil, rayon, paper and leather

Why Monitor?

• EPA Regulatory Compliance
• Nuissance Odor Monitoring
• H2S Source Detection
• Scrubber Efficiency Analysis

Who is monitoring important to?

• Wastewater Treatment Facilities
• Pulp and Paper Mills
• Municipal Lift Stations
• Landfills
• Livestock Farms
• Geothermal Wells
• Oil and Gas Refineries

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