Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jerome H2S Analyzers

Arizona Instrument LLC, an ISO 9001:2000 registered company, designs, manufactures, and markets the complete line of portable and fixed Jerome® gas analyzers for use in the wastewater treatment industry.

The industry proven Jerome® 631-X measures hydrogen sulfide concentrations of 3ppb to 50ppm in just 13 seconds. The Jerome® 860 hydrogen sulfide monitor provides continuous, unattended, long-term monitoring of hydrogen sulfide gases. The monitor is easily programmed with self-contained software. It also has a user changeable battery pack and stores 100,000 pieces of data. The Jerome® 651 monitoring system from Arizona Instrument is designed to provide long-term hydrogen sulfide monitoring even in the worst weather conditions, it can be stationed at any location that requires monitoring.

Multiple units can also be linked to form a perimeter monitoring system. Built-in software, data logging and radio capabilities make downloading data convenient and easy. Arizona Instrument provides comprehensive customer service including training, calibration, and repair.

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