Friday, March 27, 2009

H2S Detection

Perhaps you might be familiar with Arizona Instrument’s Jerome® H2S Analyzers, products which have been accepted locally, at the state level and nationally as well as by the EPA as the industry standard for monitoring Hydrogen Sulfide.

Our Jerome® instruments are used extensively by sewer, water and landfill industries in a variety of applications. These applications include corrosion prevention, odor, process control, and baseline determination, as well as monitoring for regulatory compliance. These instruments can detect Hydrogen Sulfide at levels as low as 3 ppb - well below the human odor threshold.

The Jerome® 631 is a portable ppb instrument perfect for spot checks, leak detection and community response. The Jerome® 651 provides stand-alone monitoring capabilities, data storage and radio communication, making it an ideal choice for perimeter monitoring and continuous testing.

Understanding hefty fines or a forced shutdown may result from non-compliance to state or federal agency sanctions, we know the Jerome® line of instrumentation has proven to help set those risks aside. If inspectors asked questions regarding your compliance, Jerome® instruments deliver the quality data you need.

I would like to talk to you about these instruments and how they can help address your needs.

-Brad Hays, National Account Representative
Jerome® Division
800.390.1414 x1672 • 602.281.1672

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