Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hydrogen Sulfide Monitoring

Jerome® instruments are extensively used by sewer, water and landfill industries in a variety of applications including corrosion prevention, odor, process control, baseline determination, as well as monitoring for regulatory compliance. These instruments can detect Hydrogen Sulfide at levels as low as 3 ppb - well below the human odor threshold.

The Jerome® 631 is a portable ppb instrument perfect for spot checks, leak detection and community response. The Jerome® 651 provides stand-alone monitoring capabilities, data storage and radio communication, making it an ideal choice for perimeter monitoring and continuous testing.

Be proactive and avoid hefty fines or a forced shutdown. With a Jerome® instrument on your side, don't fear state or federal agency sanctions. When inspectors ask questions, Jerome® delivers the quality data you need to demonstrate that you are in compliance.

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